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Why do ladies endure poverty of their parents but can’t endure poverty of their boyfriend – Man asks

It is no strange knowledge that women often mention financial stability when mentioning a man they would love to date or marry. Others specifically say they would never date a broke or struggling guy.

It wasn’t a thing of surprise to some but maybe it was to many when a Nigerian man pose a controversial question to women about their mindsets while going into relationships.

Well, wading in on the matter, a Twitter user with username @henryruckus1 has asked why women are okay with enduring the poverty they were born into but can’t do same with their boyfriends.


He wrote: ”Pls I have a question. Why do ladies endure poverty of their parent but can not endure poverty of their boyfriend”

The post has since generated divergent views with some ladies saying that they had no choice with their parents because that’s the family they were born into, but with a boyfriend, you have the option of not ‘suffering’ with him.

See the post:

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  1. Go and make money Nwanne. No turn to motivational speaker. See Oba na, no complain just dey do him business. People go just open mouth waaaa

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